Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) update
Due to UCSF's focus on COVID-19, we are pausing all work on dD&T and related projects, effective immediately. Please click on the below link for more information regarding the UCSF response to COVID-19.

New Connections, Better Outcomes

Have you ever thought “I could write an application that provides personalized clinical advice… if only I could get three pieces of data from our Electronic Health Record (EHR) about a patient—say, her age, weight, and creatinine level?”

EHRs have gotten better at making data like this available to facilitate app creation. We want to help you tap into these possibilities so you can build innovative digital solutions as quickly and easily as possible.

Typically, a developer wanting to connect his or her application to UCSF’s EHR APIs would have to obtain approvals from many different stakeholders across UCSF - a process we know can be lengthy, confusing, and inefficient. The dD&T committee consolidates this approval process and guides you through to save you time and confusion.

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If you believe that your project is an immediate priority for institutional recovery or patient safety, please submit a project request to Digital Recovery Solutions

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